Are there any discounts?

Yes, we give discounts to large groups and non-profits. You can join our loyalty program to earn a free class after every 4th one you buy.

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Does KCS fire for artists who work outside of the studio?

Yes, if we have room in our schedule without delaying our members' & students' work, we will take in outside firing. Please book ahead, especially if you have a deadline.. You must  verify the cone you are working at (we fire bisque to ^04 & glaze to ^6), and you must agree to be responsible for kiln repairs if you are incorrect, and cause damages. Firing fees are 6 cents a cubic inch and there is a $4/piece minimum, bisque and glaze included.

I have a kiln I'd like to pick your brain about... (or I have other ceramics related questions that take more than a minute to answer)

We're happy to help, but for questions that need answers longer than you can find yourself online, please book a consultation. Thanks!