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  • We have two types of gift codes: one for instruction, and another for firing fees and open studio. These codes work on different systems so it is important to purchase the correct type. Codes may not be exchanged for the other type. We suggest instruction for beginners; firing and open studio for current students and members.

  • The amounts are fixed for instruction and cannot be modified. Amounts are flexible for firing and open studio and can be selected by the buyer.

  • Gift codes do not expire.

  • Codes are not refundable but may be used by someone other than the initial recipient.

  • You can print the instruction gift codes. You will receive the printable certificate after payment in your email..

  • If you would like a gift certificate for your code and you cannot print one, purchase the codes, email us your request, and we will prepare a certificate that you can pick up at the studio.

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