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Open Studio Monthly Membership

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Monthly Membership is $160 per month.

Membership includes:

  • Open studio access 7 days a week, 24 hours a day for independent work and practice

  • A personal shelf (48" long x 24" deep x about 12" inches high) to store any of your tools / work. Additional shelves are available for rent at a discount if needed.

  • Three cone 6 stoneware clay bodies are available (Tucker's smooth white, Standard's Brooklyn Red and Dark Brown stoneware). Members may bring, store and reclaim their own clay on their shelf space

  • Approximately twenty studio glazes are provided, but members may bring in commercial glaze or clay if it's cone 6

  • The studio has 14 wheels, a slab roller, an extruder, four electric kilns, and plenty of table space

  • Members must bring their own basic tools, towels, and aprons, but may also use our community studio tools

  • Firing is an additional cost and members are eligible to rent out our test kiln, our small kiln Goldilocks, and our medium kiln Baby Bear.

Make reservations for Open Studio AFTER your orientation is complete.
This calendar is for Hand-building reservations.
Book a Wheel Reservation here.

This calendar is for Wheel reservations.

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