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Adults Beyond Basics: Develop Your Skills


 Class Meeting times and Instructors:


   Tu:   6 pm to 8 pm w/ Grace

   We:  10 am to 12 pm w/ Lex

   Th:   6 pm to  8 pm w/ Grace

For optional practice time outside of class, sign up here.

Very Important Information for all Adult Students
  • We offer ongoing enrollment in our weekly classes- no fixed start or end dates!

  • Plan to attend multiple classes to finish projects. You may book multiple weeks or months in advance at a discounted rate

  • You’ll work on projects in cycles. You won’t finish everything you start unless you also work independently during open studio time

  • Classes provide two hours of instruction plus an hour of independent open studio time. 

  • A scheduled open studio orientation outside of class is required before students can sign up for the additional hour included in class

  • Students who have take an orientation may purchase a weekly open studio pass at $30/week for additional practice

  • Students should bring an apron, a hand towel, and a set of basic tools (available at the studio for $25)

  • Firing fees are based on volume, start at $4 per piece, and are 6 cents a cubic inch

  • Drop-ins accommodated whenever possible, however, registration is strongly encouraged, and guarantees a class will run.

  •  If you have a pacemaker, Shimpo discourages working on their magnetic wheels.

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