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Open Studio Weekly Pass for KCS Students

 Wheel Reservations

Open Studio time is for students to practice what they've learned in class. Are you ready? Have you gotten finished glazed work out of the kiln? Can you work independently and be a cooperative studio-mate? If so, you're ready for Open Studio!


Here's what to do:

1. Try one of our classes You must be our current

student to attend open studio here.

2. Take a studio orientation

3. Buy a Weekly Open Studio Pass for KCS students.

You'll get an invitation to our Slack channel in your

orientation and class confrimation. Please take an

orientation before purchasing your pass.


4. Make reservations for Handbuilding or Wheel

5. Attend a class once a month to remain eligible for weekly open studio passes, OR become a member (get a personal shelf and take classes if you like).

  • KCS Students may buy a pass if they have taken a class in the last month AND completed an orientation.

  • Students make unlimited consecutive appointments on the Open Studio calendars during the week of their pass.

  • One hour appointments allow 30 minutes at the end for thorough clean up. If you make several appointments the 30 minutes between your appointments is additional studio time.

  • Weekly passes are good from Monday morning until Sunday evening. The door code resets on Monday morning. We cannot make exceptions to this routine.

  • Please cancel appointments you will not use. If you cannot cancel an appointment, reschedule it for 6 am.

Handbulding Reservations
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