Weekly Pottery Classes

Kingston Ceramics Studio offers ongoing weekly ceramics classes for adults and kids. Each class starts with a demonstration based on the level of the students participating.  Individual assistance is offered to each student in every class, along with enough time to practice and clean up thoroughly. 


About our pottery classes:

  • Most classes meet weekly on an ongoing basis, there are no sessions or fixed start or end dates.

  • Adult classes are $35 each, and if there is room available a student may sign up at any point before class starts. 

  • Kids classes are $40 each and include firing fees. Kids classes are for elementary school age students. Young people older than that may attend adult classes.

  • Ceramics classes are super flexible, buy one at a time as you go, or in multiples and schedule ahead.

  • Ceramics classes are meant to be taken more than once. You will not finish a piece in one class. Most students take several classes to start finishing work. If you are looking for a fun one day event, or you only want to make a few things once and not continue in classes where you will make several rounds of work, then  try a private ceramics lesson instead. They are loads of fun, and are a guarantee you'll have your pots finished without having to return to the studio. Ready to go deeper and try out the hobby more seriously? Classes are for you! Plan to try ceramics out for at least 8 to 10 weeks before deciding if it's for you, and for most people, it takes a while to develop the skill to make what they want... so be open-minded! Practice is KEY.

  • Ceramics classes are 2 hours each and adult classes (except Basic Intro) include an hour of open studio time. You must sign up for the additional hour separately from class, and space is not guaranteed!  You must also register for a one-time orientation to work in the studio by yourself. Orientations are by appointment only. To make noticeable progress, you should plan to attend weekly, and use open studio to practice as well.

  • To guarantee a class runs, sign up for it. Drop-ins are not discouraged, however, they are not guaranteed a seat in a class.

  • Tools are just under $25 if purchased at the studio. Bring an apron (if you like) and a towel.

  • Firing fees are based on volume starting at $4/piece.

  • Adults only: Buy weekly open studio passes for $30 for additional practice/studio time (Good Monday - Sunday).

  • Shelf rentals are also available monthly for $150/month.

  • If you have a pacemaker you should not work on our Shimpo wheels.

Adults' Ceramics Classes:

Basic Intro to Clay & the Studio:

Mo:   6 pm to 8 pm w/  Benjamin

We:   1 pm to 3 pm w/  Grace

Fr:    10 am to 12 pm w/ Benjamin

Sa:   10 am to 12 pm w/ Susan

Su:   10 am to 12 pm w/ Benjamin

All Level Wheel & Handbuilding*

Mo:    1 pm to 3 pm w/ Casey

Tu:    6 pm to 8 pm w/ Benjamin

We:  10 am to 12 pm w/ Grace

Th:    6 pm to  8 pm w/ Grace 

Fr:     6 pm to 8 pm w/ Benjamin

Beyond Basics: Develop Your Skills*

We:  6 pm to  8 pm w/ Casey

Th:   10 am to 12 pm w/ Lex

Kids' Ceramics Classes:

Elementary School Clay:

Th: 3:45 pm to 5:45 pm w/ Grace

*Unguided practice for adults is for one hour after morning classes, or one hour before evening classes by registration. First, register for an Open Studio Orientation here. More Weekly Open Studio time may be purchased to continue your practice.

Photograph by Emily Anita Curran


Satisfy your clay curiosity! We start our beginner pottery class with basic handbuilding techniques, then explore an introduction to wheel-throwing, and finish our work with a few glazing techniques during this fun ceramics class! Your instructor guides your class through each step. This clay class is designed for students with no experience with clay who want to get oriented to the material, tools, process, and our community ceramics studio before attending All Level and Beyond Basics classes.

Ready to make more? These ceramics classes are geared towards individualized instruction (based on skill level and interest) for students at all levels. Beginners get instructor attention early in class, then experienced beginners and intermediate students are consulted later in class. While choosing your own projects, tools, materials, and techniques, you will learn more about how to work with clay to achieve your personal goals relating to form, surface, function, technique, and/or concept. Ceramics demonstrations will be driven by students’ interests and goals, so each class will be as unique as its participants. We highly encourage students at this level to also take Open Studio by the week or month to practice and build wheel-throwing and handbuilding skills and to develop the rhythm of working through the stages of the ceramic process effectively and independently.

Looking to be focused, engaged, and relaxed? This special ceramics class focuses on handbuilding skills including, pinch, coil, slab, modeling, altering, stamping, attaching, carving, adding and subtracting clay to create your artwork. This clay class is structured the same as our other All Level classes, but without the wheel work. Learn all the tools and tricks of working at the table and expand your work!

Work under the guided instruction of an experienced potter who will offer you specific feedback that will help you continue to make progress in your practice. You will work independently, but be invited to all of the demonstrations requested by other students, so you will be exposed to a lot of new information about how to make the different forms you are going for: bowls, plates, mugs, cups, saucers, teapots, vases, casseroles, and more! The list of things you can make is literally endless! Learn more about glazing and decorative options. 

Kids will play with clay and learn the basics of hand-building and wheel-throwing with clay while using their imaginations to make what they want! They'll be using their hands to develop motor skills, playing and problem-solving to develop creative thinking, and socializing with other students. Students will try out the wheel with some assistance in some classes, while the majority of each class kids will be spent handbuilding at the table. We currently have one class for kids, "Elementary Clay", and one for families, "Family Clay".