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Weekly Pottery Classes for Adults:

  • Beginner pottery class, designed for adults (16+) with no clay experience

  • Orientation to material, tools, and process

  • Focus on basic hand-building techniques, with an Introduction to wheel-throwing

  • Exploration of basic glazing techniques

  • Prepares students for Beyond Basics classes

  • Driven by students' interests and goalslearn forms like bowls, plates, mugs, cups, saucers, teapots, vases, and casseroles

  • Students choose projects, tools, materials, and techniques

  • Get specific feedback to improve your skills

  • Work independently and learn to manage the stages of the ceramic process effectively

  • Learn more in-depth glazing and decorative options, get technical information

  • Beginners welcome if once they complete the ceramics process through glazing in Basic Intro class

  • Strong encouragement to take Open Studio for additional practice and skill-building

  • Kids' pottery class for elementary school students (ages 6-11)

  • Focuses on hand-building and offers limited wheel-throwing experience

  • Encourages imagination and creativity, students learn skills and choose their own projects

  • Develop motor skills through hands-on activities

  • Promotes problem-solving and creative thinking

  • Opportunities for social interaction with other students

Weekly Pottery Classes for Kids:

  • The Teen Clay class (ages 12 to 16) teaches kids all the basics of handbuilding, wheel-throwing, altering forms and finishing surfaces while encouraging them to use their imaginations, hands, and social skills.

  • These classes provide an opportunity for kids to develop their creativity, curiosity, and fine-motor skills while working in a fun environment with their peers.


SELECT: Weekly Ceramics Classes

& SELECT: Teen Clay Class 

Important Information for all Students

Plan to get messy!

Please bring your own apron or change of clothes, hand towel, and a set of basic tools. 

If you do not have tools and would like your own we have basic tool kits available at the studio for $15.


We offer ongoing enrollment in our weekly classes, there are no fixed start or end dates!

This means you should plan to attend multiple classes in order to finish your projects

  • Firing fees are based on volume, start at $4 per piece, and are 6 cents a cubic inch

  • Drop-ins are accommodated when possible, however, registration is strongly encouraged.

  • An open studio orientation outside of class is required before students can participate in the additional hour included in our Beyond Basics class. Students who have taken orientation may purchase a weekly open studio pass at $38/week for additional practice.


 If you have a pacemaker, Shimpo discourages working on their magnetic wheels.

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