5/28/2020 Business Re-opening Safety Plan coming soon!

Update 4/2/2020:

The studio will remain closed until further notice. We will reopen as soon as it is deemed safe to do so. Thank you again for checking in.

Update 3/13/2020:

Due to the ongoing spread of COVID-19, the studio will be closed for two weeks beginning Friday, March 13th. On Thursday, March 26th, we will reassess and make another announcement. Thank you for your continued support. Stay well.

Dear Friends of the Studio,


In light of the uncertain situation the Coronavirus is creating, the studio is enacting a number of temporary measures to make sure we stay healthy and provide a safe atmosphere. 


We will temporarily waive our cancellation policy requiring you to give 24 hours notice to cancel a class if you or a family member are ill or suspect you have been exposed. We are also temporarily waiving class pass expiration dates. If you, or people you live with are ill we ask that you not come to the studio. We will honor your current classes when you are ready to use them.


Waiving these policies puts the studio in a vulnerable position, but we believe that you value the studio and want to do what you can to help it thrive. Please don't be a serial class canceller. If you find yourself needing to repeatedly cancel classes, consider signing up right before class if there is still availability. Please note that this change also means that students will be able to sign up at any time before class.


In addition to these precautions, studio assistants will start adding a small (but effective) amount of bleach to our clay reclaim, so that any virus will be eliminated. Assistants will also begin spraying an antiseptic on commonly touched surfaces like tables, stools, door knobs and handles each shift. We've ordered hand sanitizer so that you can keep your hands clean, but it's backordered. In the meantime, please use the hand soap at the sinks.


For our monthly studio members: If you must be out of the studio for more than two weeks due to your illness or a family member's, the studio will issue you a credit for a portion of your membership the following month.


The studio appreciates your continued support and wants you to know that we are making preparations to face this challenge and remain safe. As things develop, we will communicate new information on Slack and via email. If you have any questions or comments about these policies and procedures, please let me know. I am open to hearing all concerns, ideas and questions.


And let's all take a deep breath and remember that "this too, shall pass". :-)


Thanks all,


The Shirt Factory

77 Cornell St., Studio 309

Kingston, NY 12401

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