New: Online Instructional Videos

We are partnering with The Ceramics School to offer high quality and affordable online ceramics instructional videos! Whether you are working out of your own studio or ours, you can develop your ceramics practice with in-depth instruction on special topics from top-notch artists from around the world on-line. To support Kingston Ceramics Studio, please use the links on this page to purchase your workshops. Let us know what you learn! We'd love to see how these resources impact your work.

Forms Using Slabs with Tim Clarkson.png
Throw Large Vase with Danny
Fearless with Underglaze with Tony Young
Sculpt Animal Faces with Cheryl Quintana
Handbuild at All Stages with Tyler Quint
Pushing the Clay with Lora Rust.png
Rapidly Explore Ideas with Franca
High Precision Glaze with Turn

Sgrafitto with Nathan Gwirtz


“I couldn’t imagine a more delightful workshop… Nathan is warm, helpful, and a very kind, clear communicator… He is amazingly talented as both a creative and a teacher!”


“A fabulous workshop! Nathan did an excellent job of explaining the history and applications of the technique, the demos and all of the teaching tasks, and answering questions.”

Monoprint on Clay with Kathy Erteman

“I learned so much from this workshop! Most importantly, permission to play and experiment. Love the space and the energy! Thank you!”


"I most enjoyed Kathy’s willingness to share extensively. This workshop was full of technical info.”

Slip Trailing with Cheyenne Mallo


“What I enjoyed most about this workshop was the instructor’s generous nature and obvious thoughtfulness and skill.”


“Cheyenne explained clearly and had lots of specific tips. She is super helpful and very encouraging. I enjoyed the friendly, bright atmosphere.”

Let the Clay Do the Talking with Alida van Almelo


“This was a very thought provoking workshop... I learned about the freedom of exploration of unfired pieces and using the surrounding areas to influence the art.”


“Extremely satisfied with this workshop!! I learned how to look at things differently and explore ideas in depth. I really enjoyed the group conversation.”