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Kingston Ceramics Studio offers ongoing weekly ceramics classes for adults and children. There are two levels of adult pottery classes to choose from; Basic Introduction to Clay and the Studio and Beyond Basics: Develop Your Skills. Demonstrations are based on the level of the students participating. Individual assistance is offered to each student in every class, along with enough time to practice and clean up thoroughly. 

Whether you're looking for a fun activity or you want to improve your skills, you can get a lot out of a private lesson or party. A pottery wheel lesson for two will provide a demonstration from your instructor, as well as plenty of instruction and time to practice throwing on the pottery wheel. Turn a lesson into a party by adding guests and/or additional time. Clay parties are great for birthdays, family fun days, earning Scout badges, and team building. Your group will create projects you choose by hand-building and working on the wheel using a few basic techniques that we'll teach you. We will glaze your work in a color of your choice!

Workshops are short intensive sessions on special topics taught by an instructor who is an expert in that area. They are an excellent way to develop and refine your own work. and learn more specific tips, tools, and tricks of the trade.


It can be intimidating to create art in front of others, but I've only received encouragement from members, students, and instructors. It is that feeling of community and care that allows me to let down my guard and just create. 
-Student, Jen Pineda

If online is your preferred mode of learning, or you want to supplement your real life class with in-depth lessons on a wide variety of topics, we've got you covered. We've partnered with The Ceramics School to provide you with the highest online video content about making pottery and ceramic artwork.

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