Kingston Ceramics Studio offers ongoing weekly ceramics classes for adults. There are three levels of classes to choose from; Beginner's Only, Open Level, and Intermediate & Advanced Topics. Each class starts with a demonstration based on the level of the students participating.  Individual assistance is offered to each student in every class, along with enough time to practice and clean up thoroughly. 


About All Classes

  • Classes are ongoing weekly (except holidays), there are no sessions or fixed start or end dates

  • Classes are meant to be taken more than once. You will not finish a piece in one class. Most students take several classes to start finishing work. If you are looking for a fun one day event, try a private lesson instead! We can only save the work of students planning to continue with classes.

  • Classes are 2 hours each and adult classes include an hour of open studio time before evening class or after morning class. To make noticeable progress, you should plan to attend weekly, and use open studio practice as well.

  • Adult classes are $35 each, and if there is room available a student may sign up at any point before class starts

  • Kids classes are $40 each and include firing fees.

  • Until further notice, the max number of students is 6 in adult classes and 4 in kids classes, 

  • Classes are SUPER flexible, buy one at a time as you go, or in multiples and schedule ahead

  • Save money! Sign up for a digital rewards ‘card’ to earn an extra class for every 4 classes attended

  • Tools are $13 if purchased at the studio. Bring an apron (if you like) and a towel

  • Firing fees are based on volume starting at $4/piece

  • Buy weekly open studio passes for $25 for additional practice / studio time (Good Monday - Sunday)

  • Shelf rentals are also available monthly for $135 / month

  • If you have a pacemaker you should not work on our Shimpo wheels

Photograph by Emily Anita Curran

Beginners Only

Satisfy your clay curiosity! We start our beginner class with basic hand building techniques, then explore an introduction to wheel throwing, and finish our work with a few glazing techniques during this fun class! Your instructor guides you through each step together as a group. This class is designed for students with no experience in clay who want to get oriented to the material, tools, process and our studio before attending Open Level classes.


Open Level

Ready to make more? These classes are geared towards individualized instruction (based on skill level and interest) for students at all levels. While choosing your own projects, tools, materials, and techniques, learn more about how to work with clay to achieve your personal goals relating to form, surface, function, technique, and/or concept. Demonstrations will be driven by students’ interests and goals, so each class will be as unique as its participants. We highly encourage students at this level to also take Open Studio to practice and build skills and to develop the rhythm of working through the stages of the ceramic process effectively and independently.

Kids Classes

Kids can play with clay and learn the basics of hand-building and wheel-throwing with clay while using their imaginations to make what they want! They'll be using their hands to develop motor skills, playing and problem-solving to develop creative thinking, and socializing with other students. They will be able to work in depth on bigger projects over time and finish their pieces with glaze, which is not possible in our other kid friendly programming. Kids will try out the wheel with some assistance in most classes, while for the majority of each class kids will be hand-building at a table.

Elementary School Clay:

Tu:  4 pm to 6 pm

Th:  4 pm to 6 pm

Middle School Clay:

Mo:  4 pm to 6 pm

We:  4 pm to 6 pm

High School Clay:

Fr:   6 pm to 8 pm

Mixed Ages:

Su:   10 am to 12 pm

Unguided practice for adults is for one hour after morning classes, or one hour before evening classes. Weekly Open Studio time may be purchased to continue your practice.

*Saturday's class focuses on hand building. There is no wheel instruction in this class.

Adults' Classes:

Beginners Only

Mo: 6 pm to 8 pm w/ Angelo 

Open Level

Tu:   6 pm to 8 pm w/ Lauren

We:  10 am to 12 pm w/ Lex

We:  6 pm to 8 pm w/ Nathan

Th:   6 pm to 8 pm w/ Chase

Fr: 10 am to 12 pm w/ Nathan 

Sa:   10 am to 12 pm w/ Susan*

Su:   10 am to 12 pm w/ Angelo

Class Schedule

Angelo is a very supportive teacher. He teaches at your level and speed, and always there to demonstrate and help with any questions or challenges you may be having.

-Erin Pietrak

"Susan makes every Saturday a fun communal affair. She has a fun and quirky sensibility which comes through in her art and her teaching."

-Emma Hambright

Nathan's patience and thoroughness in my early classes gave me a comfortable footing in the skills of throwing at the wheel. As I’ve progressed he’s become more of a creative/artistic guide who I always look forward to seeing in the studio.

-Ed Stillman

"All the teachers at the KCS are wonderful but I’ve had the most experience with Nathan. He is an
excellent teacher and an excellent potter and the combination is a real gift to any student. I’ve been a
potter for over 4o years and have had many teachers but I’ve learned the most from Nathan."

-Judy Damron

Angelo’s fiery passion for ceramics is wildly contagious. His enthusiasm and humility for sharing his craft, and warm approach to hands-on teaching fostered my love of ceramics and KCS. My favorite part of the week is Sunday mornings with Angelo. 

-Autumn Jordan

"Have you ever been asked "can you name a teacher who changed your life?" Well, about a year and a half ago I  signed up for a bowl making class at a local ceramics studio. To my great fortune my teacher was Lex Feldheim, a truly inspirational artist and instructor.  Her clear, calm and above all cheerful way of explaining wheel work and ceramics in general literally changed my life's path...infinitely for the better. Though I was a novice constantly asking questions I received nothing but answers, help and encouragement. What stands out for me about her is her generosity of sharing her knowledge and experience. Lex clearly has a passion for not only her Art but also for teaching, a combination I've found exceedingly rare. Everyone I know who's had the chance to learn from her has had the same reaction."

-Dan Pressler

"Lauren is a fantastic teacher. She has the great knack of catering to the individual needs for each student, all the while orchestrating the classroom as a whole. Each student is encouraged to learn at their own pace. Her lessons are easy to understand, and she is patient and fun to work with.

-Jason Mones

Lauren has an enthusiastic, informative, and unbelievably patient teaching style.  Her positive energy radiates and contributes to the awesome vibe of the studio which is welcoming to to both beginners and seasoned ceramicists. 

-Jonathan Shapiro

"Nathan is everything you might want out of a ceramics teacher: he is patient, he will answer any question you may have about various techniques, and then will demonstrate the answer for you with precision, clarity, and with the intention of wanting to pass on the skill for you to use."

-Ben Estes

Susan is a dreamboat to work with and she opens a sacred space for all to happen, good and bad, and has such a flexible and wise heart. She is very understanding and helpful. I am so glad to have worked and learned from her, and am excited to continue my path of joy and magic with her and everyone else in the studio. I hope to see you all soon.

-Janet Talbot