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Decorating with Pottery: Elevating Your Space with Handcrafted Pieces

KCS Instructor, Casey Taylor, was mentioned as an expert on the Redfin blog for her insight into interior design with ceramics!

Julia Weaver

Mar 13, 2023

Dating back centuries, pottery has always been a popular form of artistic expression and has played a critical role in creating a captivating space. Pottery is beautiful in both form and function, purpose and practicality. It’s created to evoke joy through everyday use. After all, there’s no denying that drinking from a handmade mug or serving dinner in a bowl created by a local artist means so much more. From dishes and decorative pieces to flowerpots and lamps, finding a unique piece to add beauty in any room of the house can make all the difference.

While there aren’t many rules when it comes to expressing your personality and style through pottery, one thing’s for certain –  it shouldn’t be stored away in a cupboard. To help you get started, we reached out to artists to share their best piece of advice when using pottery as part of your home decor. So whether you live in an apartment in Atlanta, GA, or a home in Portland, OR keep reading to see how you can begin decorating with ceramics and bring your interior to the next level.

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8. Look for handmade lamps, sculptures, and planters

“Handmade pottery can add elements of color, texture, and visual interest to any interior space,” explains Casey Taylor, an independent ceramic artist who teaches at Kingston Ceramics Studio in Kingston, NY. “From incorporating artisan crafted mugs on your open kitchen shelving, to bringing in sculptural ceramic vessels to your living space; these objects bring the maker into your home and can elevate the depth of design by offering a very tangible and human element.”

“Many people assume handmade ceramics to be primarily cups, plates, bowls, and vases- but the reality is you can find a plethora of clay objects to adorn your home that are functional in many other ways,” shares Taylor. “Lamps, sculptures, and planters are all wonderful ways to incorporate handmade pottery into interior design and add elements of light, color, and texture in unexpected and creative ways.”@kingstonceramicsstudio

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